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SGS promotes the geological sciences in Switzerland. It publishes the “Swiss Journal of Geosciences” and organises scientific symposia, meetings of the stakeholders of the scientific community and thematic excursions.more

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General Assembly 2020

General Assembly SPG/SPS 2020
Image: Karl Tschanz (SPG/SPS)

Report of the SPG/SPS General Assembly 2020

The annual meeting started with a tour of the "Museo dei fossili del Monte San Giorgio" in Meride/TI, which reopened in October 2012. The subsequent hike in the Monte San Giorgio UNESCO natural heritage site led to the Museum Lugano's most recent excavation in the Sceltrich layers of the Middle Triassic Meride limestone. The subsequent general meeting took place in Serpiano. The excursion ended the following day with a visit to the marble quarries in Arzo. You can find more information about the General Assembly in the 2021 edition of Nerinea.