Err detachment

The Swiss Geological Society and its specialist groups regularly organize excursions, conferences and workshops.

In 2019 the Swiss Tectonic Studies Group organised an excursion to the Zermatt region, in the area of Gandegg, Fluhalp/Pfulwe, and Täschalp. The three-day excursion trook place from 27-29 September 2019, and wasbled by Prof. Lukas Baumgartner of the University of Lausanne.

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Image : Société Paléontologique Suisse

Excursion au site du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO du Monte San Giorgio et Assemblée générale de la Société suisse de paléontologie (SPG)

12 septembre 2020 au "Museo dei fossili del Monte San Giorgio", Via Bernardo Peyer 9, 6866 Meride

13 septembre 2020: excursion SPG au Monte San Giorgio.

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