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La SGS promeut les sciences géologiques en Suisse. Elle publie le magazine «Swiss Journal of Geosciences» et organise des colloques scientifiques, des réunions de groupes d'intérêt et des excursions thématiques.en plus

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Latest Society Awards


The Board of the Paul Niggli Foundation decided to award the Paul Niggli Medal 2023 to Christian Renggli (Institute for Mineralogy, University of Münster; now at Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen, Germany) in recognition of his outstanding research using experimental methods to understand the properties of gas-solid reactions in volcanic systems on Earth, the Moon and Mercury. The citation from Prof. Stephan Klemme (Universität Münster) and the response of the awardee was published in the Swiss Journal of Geosciences.

The 2023 best MSc thesis award was given to Jonathan Pople (University of Lausanne) for the thesis: "Epibionts and trace fossils on stem- and crown-group euarthropod carapaces from the Early Ordovician Fezouata Shale". The committee was impressed with the comprehensive and modern approach to this topic the exceptional graphic display and also the wider implications for the evolution of life.


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