SGS Conference Awards

The Swiss Geological Society offers financial contributions to attend conferences. There are two awards.

1 - Swiss Geological Society Travel Awards

The Society announces the „Swiss Geological Society Travel Awards“. A maximum of five awards will be given per year to MSc or PhD students that are member of the Swiss Geological Society and enrolled at a Swiss institution or university

Each award consists of a contribution of CHF 200 towards the cost of an active participation (poster or oral presentation) at a conference between 15 June 2018 and 14 June 2019 in any field of the geological sciences. Selection will be based primarily on scientific accomplishments and on the submitted conference abstract.

Application for the 2018 Swiss Geological Society Travel Award is now open:

Applications must include all of the following:

1. Conference announcement
2. Abstract that has been or will be submitted to the conference
3. Curriculum vitae and list of publications
4. Signed letter of support from the PhD advisor

Note that only applications in English will be considered. The application package (as a single PDF file in the above order; file size < 5 MB) should be submitted using this online application form:

Deadline is 30 May 2018 (23:59)

Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered. The award money will be paid upon presentation of a confirmation of attendance from the conference (e.g. payment receipt)

2 - Swiss Palaeontological Society Conference Awards

The Swiss Palaeontological Society SPG (a group within the Swiss Geological Society SGG) annually supports young palaeontologists at Swiss universities to actively attend scientific meetings at which they wish to present their research results.

Prerequisites are:

  1. 1)The applicant is less than 35 years old.
  2. 2)The applicant is a MSc or PhD student or has less than five years of postdoc experience.
  3. 3)The applicant states that no other sources of funding are available (i.e., SNF funding, departmental grants or budgets, etc.)
  4. 4)The applicant is member of the SGG/ SPG.
  5. 5)The applicant will show the logos of SGG, SPG and Scnat during her/ his presentation or on the poster.

Deadline for submission of applications: June 30th 2018

Please provide the following documents and information: Name, field of research, statement that other sources of funding are not available, information about the symposium/ scientific meeting including fees, information about the planned contribution (talk, poster, etc.), abstract, an estimate of the costs (registration fees, accommodation, travel expenses).

Applications have to be sent to:

PD Dr. Christian Klug
Paläontologisches Institut u. Museum
Karl Schmid-Strasse 4
8006 Zürich